Human resources

Founded in 1999, Xiante Group is located in Nanjing National Hi-tech Development Zone (Jiangning Development Zone), Jiangsu Province, China. At present, it has 370 employees, of whom 81.03% are college students and 18.97% are undergraduates. Due to the expansion of industry, aspiring people seek common development.

The company holds high the principle of employing talents first, the salary standard for technical talents is higher than the average industry standard of 20%~200%, and the salary adjustment for qualified technical personnel is about 10%~80% every year. The personnel concept "We first invite you to come with your very satisfactory salary, coupled with a very sincere heart to let you grow with Xiante".

"Science and technology innovation, eternal service" is the business philosophy of Xiante Company. It is our pursuit to be the leader of energy equipment in the world.The company is growing at a rate of more than 50% per year, providing a broad space for the development of the pioneers.